November 21, 2018

Hello, creative friends!

I am very happy to share my creation “Butterfly of dreams” inspired by November Play – Never Ending story!

Firstly, I would like to point out that this month’s proposed color palette is just awesome and inspiring! I love pastel colors, they ‘re so vivid, airy and more than ever necessary in dull November!

 In this never-ending story I also recognized myself, because I am an irreparable perfectionist. It’s very important for me to competently finish the work because I have huge penchants for idealism. Therefore, I gladly took advantage of “Splatters” tip and used it in my work. Look, now my butterfly is shining! This effect was made with watered acrylics. I often use “Dry brush and ”Accent color” tips when it is needed.


 Moreover, I am always taking photos of my projects at various stages, while I am working. It allows me seeing the common picture and helps finding missing parts.

Hope you enjoy my “Butterfly of dreams” and the tips will be useful!




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