November 20, 2018

Hello hello again Art playground blog readers. Annie here today sharring a layout inpired by our beautiful November sheme. The soft color inspired me a romantic layout with a lot of pink and a lot of fuzzy cutting flowers.



When I create a layout I usually have always the same patern. But my final touch is always different. When I create someting It tooke me several hours and I when I think my project is finish, I really need another point of vue to be sure that everything is perfect for me. My tips, I take picture with my cellphone and look my layout trouh the picture. It is easy for me than to see if I have forgot something or if something could be add to make my layout perfect! Sometime one flower is missing or a touch of color or texture is missing. This is the final touch to my layouts.





Do not hesitate to take a step back, we never know it could change your layout from beautiful to wow!


Come and share your final touch with us,












Annie XX




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