October inspiration with Darianna Neko

October 10, 2018

Hello, dear readers of the Art Playground blog!

Darianna Neko is here and I can't wait to show you my new project!

It's the layout about the beautiful and dangerous witch-winged fairy called "Maleficent".

I was inspired by October color scheme and the theme "My muse".

And I also was inspired by the 2 stage at the venture project Magic School 3, where was a task to make the 12 inch layout  with a character from a fairy tale.


So... the stars have aligned!!!My muse is the favourite character from the fairy tale - and it's Maleficent! <3



When I first saw Maleficent in the movie I was struck by her beauty and grandeur, straightforwardness and danger, and in the same time -grace.What are these lips, cheekbones, wings - it conquered me once and for all. But appearance is not the most important thing.

I watched with interest and admiration for the change of her character in the movie. I watched as from a naive and kind young fairy - the defender of the marshes, she, betrayed by a loved one, turned into an embittered, but not lost in dignity, vengeful and cunning sorceress!But the kindness, no matter how she tried to suppress it in herself, did not die out in her heart. It was also manifested in the fact that she saved the crow Diaval and grew stronger with each year she spent next to Aurora, whom she had cursed once, in a rush of foggy anger of reason.

​Maleficent took care of a girl who was the daughter of a man who betrayed her. He deprived Maleficent of part of the soul, put her to sleep and cut off her powerful and free wings for the sake of his advantage. She was the shadow of Aurora, was beside her, rescued her from the dangers and protected, although it was not in the plans of the "cunning evil witch", she became attached to this "monster":) Love grew stronger in her heart, although she was not aware of this. She loved gratuitously, she was open to kindness, although she seemed angry and unapproachable outwardly.And in this I admire her!


Maleficent broke her curse by kissing Aurora when she fell asleep forever, because she was the only one who loved her like no other.


Now,some words about my layout!)

​​The layout depicts Maleficent, which has found spiritual peace, love and tranquility reigns in her heart.For headlines, I decided to use the appropriate 7dotsstudio stickers-phrases about self-determination of Maleficent as a positive character - "Pick your flowers! Not fights! Choose your own path! Spread your wings!".


I decided to make the autumn work, because autumn brings tranquility, gifts of love, peace in the heart and rethinking of life.It is made in warm colors - brown color of foliage and trees, gold color of warm sunlight playing on clothes, green velvet of autumn mosses and a little black) Black grasses, feathers, moths ... Well, I have not forgotten about the elegant, but powerful, dark wings of the Maleficent.)


​Her wings are like a reflection of a free and strong soul, hardened, but soft and deep in its childishly playful nature.

I fell in love with Maleficent entirely and for a long time she did not go out of my head. And finally, my thoughts poured into my work! Initially, I wanted to make a dark and dramatic project with her, but NO! 

These colors are not for her! (although of course there is a charm in a black and evil Maleficent! :))

But she really is not. There was always kindness and love in her heart, which I showed in my work.

In conclusion, I want to say that Light and Darkness are in every person. But the secret of harmony is simple: there should be enough light in the soul so that you can cope with the darkness that covers you ...I hope you enjoyed my layout, hope you prefer this particular interpretation of her character.... Maleficent, in whose heart lives love !

That's all! Darianna Neko inspired you today!



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