September 20, 2018

Hi dear Art Playground readers, I am verry happy to share my project inspired by this month theme ''ho blessed mistakes''.


For me, scrapbooking means mistakes ! When I start a project I always have an idea of what my project should be.. but in realyty, the final version is always different from the original plan haha. Mistakes are a part of my creative process.



 For this project, I had the idea to add chiken wire on a wood circle. I did not expect this idea to be so difficult to achive.. and at the end, my cercle was not a perfect cercle anymore. Beaucause it took me a lot of time to add the chiken wire, I decide to go on with my project even if it was not perfect. I stated to add mediums and embellishments and to be honnest pink and purple are two colors that I don't use often and when I started to add the color my heart stopted and I really feal like I've ruined my project. It was to punchy. Beaucause mistakes are the best way to improve our creativity, I continue to work the color until I was happy and at the end I really like my project.


Sometimes mistake will make you discover new things. The most important is to not let fears of mistakes blocked your creativity. Because beautiful mistakes appens alle the times and can result in masterpieces.













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