September 11, 2018

Hello you all!!!

"oh blessed mistake" - our theme this month

Art is made by human beings who often make mistakes.

And because it is not an exact science, mistakes in it are human and exceptional to me. This is what makes that special touch of an artist and the art unique.


They say that we learn from our mistakes, but in my eyes this cliché is not true.

To me, we repeat our mistakes, because that's how we are - human.

And that's beautiful to me. Though sometimes unpleasant…

In conclusion, We all make mistakes, no one is free of them.

Our mistakes are part of us(and our art) and what distinguishes us, and lets face it, a world without mistakes will be very boring!!


For the special colors of the month I prepared my new planner which will certainly be full of mistakes .... lol

Happy new year to everyone – SHANA TOVA !







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