July 11, 2018

Hello Hello!

This is my second inspiration project for this month and this time I tried to express my feelings through my art journal.

I chose pictures from the FOETUNE TELLER BY 7 DOTS collection, an amazing collection with Gypsy characters. Through the pictures I created an imaginary story about a strong gypsy woman who leads the entire family in the hardships of life. I tried to pour the imaginary story that came to mind through the colors of the challenge. I felt that I need  to use yellow from the color scheme and added some black to it.

 I added background stamps and all kinds of embellishments to highlight the pictures.

Finally, I chose sentences that would emphasize my feeling for that woman.

Did you feel the imaginary story that occurred to me?

Hope I inspired you to tell yours...

Thanks  for reading and  have a great week







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