July 5, 2018

To tell a story behind a layout...
how do I tell a story, or better, how do I make a story about my project.
In my case it is the photo...
A long time ago I started with a new scrapbook layout serie called: women faces around the world.
I have deliberately ventured to women faces older than a half century.
Maybe it`s because I myself have reached the 50 year mark. Anyway.
In all cases of the old women photos, it is something that appeals to me.
The face of an old women tells a story "the story of life".
I try to create a new story with these photos, that I can best if I start on white cardstock.
But what will my story be?
First of course color, color, color....
I am a little bit crazy about stamp images on my layouts. Stamp with color waterproof ink
in this case yellow and green and than I try to set accents with black ink stamp images and black gesso.
The stamp-designs tell my story, about my mood of the day, my feelings and my love of creativity.
The butterflies stands for freedom, the figure of Leonardo da Vinci for aesthetics, the swirl for movement
and the circles for recurrent.
I hope that I can inspire you to create a new story behind your project...

Have a good day.





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