With brave wings, she'll fly soon


Hello Everyone, 


A big welcome to all of you for joining me today on Art Playground. It is an absolute honor to be able to inspire you all with my interpretation for July Play mood board.  Our theme for this month is "Tell your story", and my project inspiration totally tells that.

Throughout my lifetime, I got bullied and then I rose above all. From the time in junior school when I sent off to a boarding school and how popular kids gave me hard time, I rose with hard work, dedication and courage and became school's top performer. Then I got married and got bullied again by new family, I rose again by getting masters degree and becoming independent. This project is an interpretation of my life. Just like from an egg, small bird comes out and eventually fly  with brave wings, similarly I will rise and survive by failing and learning. 


I hope  I have inspired you all with my creation. Do join us for July Play !









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