June 5, 2018

Hi Everyone, 

Its Keren Tamir here and I’m delight to be a guest designer at the Art Playground Blog and for this month’s theme I created an art journal double page spread.

The theme in June is “Go with the flow" and I created this art journaling page with a lot of flowing elements. I placed my fish element on one side  of the page and had the golden waves flow across from one side to the other. I had a lot of flowing elements besides the fish and waves. The algae and bubbles also helped with this theme. However, the reason why this theme really resonates with me because I often have to use this phrase when I’m creating. I have to use this phrase sometimes, especially whenever I make mistakes. It helps me keep calm and then fix those mistakes as some of them are creative opportunities.


Here is the step by step video tutorial for this art journal: https://youtu.be/X6_DZNVW-04

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Have a wonderful day










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