June 7, 2018

The colors of June are my favorite colors!!

 When I saw the mood board I was thrilled!!

The bright naive colors and the shabby chic style is what drew me to the world o­­­­­f scrapbooking and mixed media in the first place.

 I decided to search for a sentence that will be able to remind me all the time of what really matters.

 so I came up with the idea of a frame with an Inspiration sentence that would be in front of me all the time when I'm working.

The inspiration sentence is the focal point of the work and I decided to emphasize it by the other elements in it.

 The frame is colored first with gesso, crackle glaze, acrylic art alchemy light patina and then gesso again to make a wash kind of look..

 I framed the sentence with a white embossed chipboard, adding scraps paper, cuttings of leaves and flowers, molds and lace. I placed the sentence and all the elements on the left side of the frame (not in the center!), and I added a secondary focal point  with resembling colors on the top right of the frame to keep the interest.

The shabby style is characterized by lot of details so I could not leave this side empty

By arranging such a composition, I created a pleasant movement to the eye that moves first from the focal point of the work to the secondary focal point and back again to the first one.

Hope you'll enjoy it














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