June 3, 2018

In order to "go with the flow" 

it`s not only needed to have good mediums and lovely papers to work with.

That means also to me to have a beautiful and clean desk, a cup of tea and music, too.

This is what I need for "go with the flow"

I also have a desk where all my favorite products are standing open....

I need that to be inspired and also to create with a flow.

The same applies to my creative process... I need order to create a mixed media layout.

Eight years ago when I started with scrapbook and mixed media ...I watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube

and after that I made a list  with each steps.

Afterwards I repeated this steps on dollar store paper over and over again, until I could do everything without looking at

my list...I started to play with the steps....I skipped some steps, or I added a different color or, or, or.....

This means for me "go with the flow" 

I do not want to encourage you to copy ...I want to encourage you to come into the flow

by having confidence with the products you have..



Hugs Heike




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