May 17, 2018

Hello dear readers of Art Playground blog! Darya is here to inspire you today! :)

I'm completely in love with colours of May.

For The May Challenge I've created the layout! I named it "Everyone has a story. Be your own author".

Every time I create a work, I use all the tips that are listed in the challenge post of May.

After I saw the colors in which the work should be done, I began to look for a suitable photo.

I found a beautiful photo with a girl that was reading the book, the book blossomed in her hands. I picked up some quotes and paper from 7dotsstudio that are perfectly suit.

I decided to emphasize the picture. The photography attracts the eye, it is the biggest element of the composition. Then I started to build the composition while complimenting the main element and support it with the others.

The biggest elements are located closer to the main element (example, big prima flowers,the chipboard Mehendi and a circle around the photo). The smallest are located rather far off the main element.

I was choosing colors, shades and shapes that resemble to the main element.

I've used turquoise and emerald shades from color scheme of this month. Also, as in our color scheme, I added bronze sprays) I've added black and white splashes to further integrate the background with the composition.

In the end I got this layout with a girl.

And finally I want to say that each of us in some way is a book! And we decide for ourselves what will be inscribed on the pages of our book - life.

That's all! Hope you enoyed it and find something interesting for yourself. Darianna was with you.

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