May 1, 2018




We are here today with our very first challenge and the excitement is well felt! Our blog is a place to play, share and also develop. As so, in each month the theme will also include a tip, idea, technique or any other trick! May play is focusing on the most basic and important thing in any kind of project: the "Focal element"- the star of the show. The piece you want to highlight & draw attention to . 

Imagine that the viewer eye is going on a journey in your composition, and it should have a place to land before going through the other elements. 

How are we making sure we have a focal element? Here are a few tips:
A. Think of your project and decide which element you want to emphasize (like the picture in a layout for example) 
B. Make sure that the main elements is the biggest element you are using so no other element will steal the show.
C. Try to build your composition while complimenting the main element and support it with the others. Usually it works when you place the elements next to the main one, starting with the biggest and finishing with the smallest. 
D. Make sure to consider the main element when building your background and composition. You can do so by choosing colors, shades and shapes that resemble to the main element for example. 
E. After finishing your project, close your eyes then open. If the first thing you are looking at is the element you chose as a focal element, then you probably succeeded!



1. Create project, any project you want, and tell us how the monthly tips reflected in your project 
2. Use at least two colors from our monthly color scheme (you can also add black, white and metallics if you feel like it )
3. Your project should be new and never been published before.
4. When uploading your project, make sure to include our monthly challenge banner and a link to our blog (specifically to the challenge post)
5. When uploading your entry link, make sure lead directly to your project post.
6. All projects must be uploaded until may 31

7. Use the Inllinkz in the end of this page to upload your project ( you may enter more than one!)  









Thanks to our generous sponsors 4 of you will win FANTASTIC prizes! 








Now...Lets be inspired by some wonderful guest designers



Tina Ollett

The May Challenge monthly tips is about maintaining the focus of one element on your project. For me it is the photo as always. Today I decided to use a colour photo of my husband and daughter at the beach. I like to enhance the focal point of my projects by layering papers and textures and making the project more dimensional. Also to maintain the movement of the eyes to the focal point I always like to use clustering of embellishments whether they be flowers, shells or chipboards. I have followed the colour combination of brown and green using Maja Designs Soferio collection of the green patterned papers. I tore these and layered them to bring movement across my page. Framing the outer of the project / layout also helps to bring the focus back to the photo.







Hanna Hersh 

I decided that a picture of a blur and mysterious forest will serve as my focus point. it is also, as you can see, the most biggest element of all elements that I've used. I tried to support my main element with leaves, flowers and chipboard branches which connected by texture and colors with the dark forest on my picture



Hadas Raviv 

As the main element I selected a wedding picture taken in an open field. I decided to support it with elements like flowers and leaves which naturally “continue” the scene captured by the image.



Heikes AugenBlick

My May Challenge Monthly Tip: First I am always looking for the perfect photo ( the center of the layout) The selection can be influenced by: my day- mood, or my day- color, or my day- song....or in this case the mood board. For me the most important thing is the background work. As for the old Masters I prefer to start on a white paper. Stamps and stencil with waterproof ink is always my first step. The photo is my guideline that means I put the photo on the paper over and over again to control where I have to stamp, where I have to add color, where I have to work with a stencil. The embellishments part is dependent from what I have designed in the background. Sometimes I glue the photo directly on the background with a title and done, or I add wire, laces, paper, sisal and and and..



Sharon Ziv 

My chosen focal element is the photo. I love choosing photos that has some movement and then try to emphasize this movement using different embellishments, colors and mediums. In order to maintain my focal element noticeable I have chosen the same colors and shapes as in the photo and  tried to continue the photo scene. 








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