Aleksandra Mihelic

My crafting story probably begins in my childhood years. My mother was a bookbinder in a library, repairing and hand stitching the books that were destroyed. I've always loved to visit her and play with the gorgeous papers, canvases and mediums she had. At that time this goods were not as widely available and this was a huge privilage and pure joy for me. And love for papers and crafting and everything with it grew to me. Today art is one of the major parts of my life and has turned from my hobby into my job that I love! I love exploring art in different shapes, sizes and colors, but my biggest passion lies in altered art. I love turning everyday objects into a work of art, giving them another opportunity "to live". I also love creating dimensional canvases that tell a special story. And when I'm just relaxing and want to make something less challenging, I love to create on smaller pieces as tags or small everyday objects and also do my pages in my art journal. Sometimes overflow of the ideas keeps me awake at night. It makes me happy if somebody can find some inspiration in my work or if I can make someone's day a bit happier and brighter with it!

You can find my work on my blog:
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Julia Kissel

I’m Julia Kissel from St.Petersburg, Russia. At the moment I’m a housewife and scrapbooking trainer. I give my lessons at the scrapbooking shops  studio and I make online tutorials. I learned about scrapbooking in 2010  and since then it is a part of my life. In scrapbooking I love mixed media. I prefer to make canvas, cards, mixed media altered art and layouts. I like to draw with sprays and paints  

Here you can find me! 

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Sandra Bernard

Hi! I’m Sandra from Quebec, Canada. I have two daughters who are the main subjects of my layout. I like challenges and push myself to try new things, so here I am. I have been scrapbooking for 12 years and I am still passionate. I hope to inspire you a little soon. xx

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Sharon Ziv

Hi All! My name is Sharon ZIv, also known as noomish.  I'm Yaniv's wife and Jonathan's, Noam's and Romi's proud mother. I was born In Israel and moved Cyprus, Larnaca three years ago.  I'm a passionate crafter, mixed media artist and just living in an on-going creation. I would say that my favorite style is some kind of "edgy"  shabby  :-).  I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, that is why I film many tutorials and teach seminars. I believe in develop your art and to always learn new things (in life as in art) 

Here are links to my social media:

Yulia Akramova

My name is Julia, I live in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, I bring up two children) Skrapom I started practicing in 2015, and the last year I was mixed up with the mixmedia technique and now I can’t live without it) I like the most in mm is vintage, steampunk, but most of all I love gloom in my work ... Thank you again for such trust in me )

Heesun Kim

 I'm seeking a unique and vintage mixed media.

To express the feeling, I have used many materials and made various attempts.

Always enjoy finding new inspiration and sharing what I found.

Above all, I found a joy of my life through this crafts so that I am happy to share it.

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Arantzazu Sangrador

Hi, I'm Arantzazu, I live in the north of Spain and no, here there's no sun all year ... Hahaha I discovered the Mixed media by a Russian blog, Since then I have continued discovering new techniques and practicing everything I have be able to... I love teal color and normally I use it in my works I always try to find harmony in my projects and that is what I am going to try to show you here! Truly happy to be here with these amazing artists!

Dara Jesen

My name is Dara.
I am a photo reporter from crazy Moscow.
I am 30 years old.
And in this city that never sleeps, I have the most comfortable place for me - a small Workshop where just a few weeks ago I began to create my canvases.

My style?
I usually say "Just feel!"

I'm different. One evening can burn with paints, another - embrace with sadness, another give smiles or can lead away to the fairy-tale world.
One thing I know for sure - in every canvas I try to tell a little story that leaves an aftertaste or flavor trail.

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Anastasija Cernova

My name is Anastasia Cernova.  I ‘m 26 years old and I live in a small Baltic country –
Lithuania. I was introduced to scrapbooking 3 years ago and now it has become a real passion.
Mostly, I appreciate the fact that scrapbooking has many levels of complexity, can be different
all the time and basically has no limits. I love to experiment with different styles and materials,
while I am absolutely captivated by mixed media magic! I am sure that charm and significance
of scrapbooking are hidden in small details. I am happy to be a part of DT and to have the
opportunity to develop my creative skills....

Links: Instagram --> @anastasijacernova

          My Blog--->

Shalhev Gan

Hi! My name is Shalhev Gan, I'm living in Israel.

I'm a  bit made and a bit red :-) (I'm fooling around now) :-)

so glad to see you here!!

I'm scrapbooking & Mixed media artist, crazy lover for art.

I finished my Graphic Design Studies at 2002
I worked for two years as a graphic designer in a local newspaper.

I have been working with Photo manipulations and adding detailed painting to my Art

for 5  years.


A year ago I was exposed to Mix Media and Art Journalling ,and since then I have been completely in love with this art.

I'm a woman of many interests:  a mixed media artist, art journaler and scrapbook  designer who loves new challenges, experiments and developing new techniques and skills.

My projects are texture and art medium-based: I make paper and canvas, layouts, collages and altered art, tags, journal pages – and many more.

Hope you will enjoy and get some 

inspiration here with me.


Daria Schukina

"Hello mixed media lovers! I'm Daria Schukina and and I'm glad to be a designer in this wonderful blog!

I live in Omsk from Siberia Russia, raising my little son. All my free time I dedicate to creativity. Most of all I like mixed media. Especially I love to create layouts and canvases. I came to scrapbooking 2 years ago. I fell in love with paint at first sight! I'm very inspired by the materials. A new "happy mail" is always like a breath of fresh air! I hope together we will create many amazing projects!

Here is my social media:

YouTube channel


Mila Aydina

I am 39 years old. I live in Omsk. Mum of three children.
 I'm incredibly fond of the style of Mixed Media, it captured me completely! From this style, my work began. And now it is such an important part in my work! I like mixing textures and colors very much.
I can create at any time of day or night in all kinds of moods and inspiration!

My favorite products are 7Dots studio, Finnabair, Prima m. 49 Market Lemoncraft and more.

Here is my social media:

Annie Samson

My name is Annie, I am a 40 year’s old mother of a 20 year’s old young lady and I share my life with an extraordinary man for 14 years now. We are living in the French province of Quebec. Now that the kids have leave home, I am having a lot of time to enjoy my passion. Honestly, Scrapbooking I not only my passion, for me it is a way of life. I love playing with medium and add texture to my layouts and altered projects.

Here the link of my social medias 





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